Wigan Pub Ghost

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The Wigan Ghost

We carried out 3 investigations and recorded our notes.  Rough diagrams and sketches are presented here in very brief, more information is available from contacting us directly.  On the first visit to the site we took infrared cameras and recorded orbs – spheres of energy in four areas.  On the second investigation we again found orbs but also had a number of responses.  On our third investigation Responses were heard.  We had the following:

1 – footsteps upstairs

2 – Crying and laughing

3 – Knocking on the doors

4 – Doors opening

5 – Shadows cross some cameras

6 – Activity around the television

7 – White mist from the backroom under the stairs

8 – Black image in the back room

9 – Feeling of being watched in the kitchen and dining room

10 – Our bedroom hears knocks and laughs

11 – A shadow on the landing room going into the front bedroom

12 – Plate rocking and water emptied out of a bowl

Cameras, witnesses and recording equipment with our team were able to piece together images of the main occupants of the house no long deceased.

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