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Psychometry from
The Cackling Witch

Hi I’m Lindsay and founder of The Cackling Witch!

We also offer psychometry readings. This is where you bring an item that is personal to you, such as a piece of jewellery, or a photo, for example.

I will hold the item and pick up vibrations.  I can be given names, dates, places sometimes I am shown photographs of memories to describe to you, and I am even given songs of relevance.

I charge  a £10 non refundable deposit  on booking to secure your place, which I donate to air ambulance as I always say if you have been given a gift its good karma to give something back to the universe and air ambulance is a self funded charity with no government help, and of course you never know when you may need them.

Thoughtful and Insightful

One of my passions is to do psychometry readings, which I do using a personal item, usually a piece of jewellery. This involves picking up vibrations from loved ones so I can pass on messages to them. I feel I’m helping people communicate and give closure to people’s grief.

The readings are done in the shop, and I only do one person a night.   Please pop in to book your psychometry reading.

Monday 9am – 6pm
Tuesday 9am – 6pm
Wednesday 9am – 6pm
Thursday 9am – 6pm
Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 6pm
Sunday Closed