Clitheroe Ghost Investigation

Wychy Wickies

So one morning whilst walking to work Lindsay noticed a bird fly into the woods, and yes it was a ‘light blub’ moment, that was the visual figure, that she needed – a tree stump, and what better way to celebrate her dad’s life than by naming after the main man – Stan. 

This is how I was created and now I love to share this beautiful story about ‘Stan the Stump’ and the Wychy Wickies.  Stan has his ashes buried under a Mountain Ash tree planted in his memory in Springwood – right next to the picnic bench so he can keep his eye on the families enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

I hope you enjoy this story and help the Wychy Wickies rid the world of all man’s mess.

For every purchase of Stan the Stump, the friends of Springwood and the Woodland Trust will receive a donation.  The stumps have all been provided from fallen trees.

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